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Alternative to Gamstop: A look at Betfilter

While many of us enjoy exciting, fun and possibly lucrative online gaming experiences, for some of you, this is not the case. It’s easy to for online gaming to get out of hand, overwhelming a player and taking over.

This is where blocking software comes in handy. Keep reading this article to find out what Betfilter is, if it’s a good alternative to Gamstop and how it works.

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What is Betfilter?

Betfilter is a blocking software that prevents players from accessing gambling sites. It doesn’t just stop you from accessing the site that you are registered with, it stops you from accessing any casino or sportsbook that can be found online.

In this way, it’s able to help prevent and reduce cases of gambling addiction that are often found online among players.

How does it work?

What’s really great about Betfilter is that it does not block all adult sites as some more general blocking software does. Instead, it carefully only blocks and stops access to gambling sites.

There’s also no keyword blocking and as such doesn’t cause over-blocking issues to occur either. It’s also really easy to use, taking mere minutes to install and setup for use.

Does it work?

One of the best things about Betfilter is that it doesn’t have any unauthorised installations. What’s really good is that there is no sneak around on this blocking software.

If you try DNS blocking software or you try to change the network settings on your device, you will still not have access to any of the gaming sites that can be found online.

Some of the non Gamstop sites available are not covered and some flaws in the software have been reported from users.

Is it safe?

With ten years of experience behind it, Betfilter has made a point of constantly improving and upgrading its software. In this way, you can be sure that this anti-gambling software is offering you nothing but the best.

In addition to this, it’s gained a strong reputation and holds a lot of respect from some of the largest gambling help organisations in the world.

Does it cover non-Gamstop sites?

Both yes and no. It does block some of the gambling sites not connected to Gamstop but not all. According to customer reviews it can be hard for Betfilter to block new sites, on new platforms and new licenses.

The same counts for betting sites not on Gamstop and Betfilter does not make any difference on betting or casino-related websites, which is sad since many of the people playing on non Gamstop casinos have accidentally blocked themselves from betting.

Can you get around Betfilter?

As we touched upon above, once this is installed, you’re not getting around it, no matter what types of tricks you try to pull.

For instance, during the period of your license, it’s impossible for you to uninstall the software. This helps to prevent any types of gambling from any devices, be it a desktop or a mobile device, that have the software downloaded and active.

Final thoughts on Betfilter

Betfilter really does offer one of the better blocking software options out there. The software remains pretty discrete, not giving you any messages or alerts that it’s operating, and can even be used on computers that are shared with others or in work environments.

In this way, it can help employers prevent employees from taking time off work to play online games, thus maximising productivity.

Betfilter is also available on a range of devices and software options so that you can be sure that you’re protected at all times. With constant upgrades, Betfilter makes sure to keep abreast of all the new casino sites that are popping up all the time. If you have issues with it, there’s also a smart, responsive customer service in play to ensure you’re always safe.