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Online casinos with no ID verification

no id online casinos

Most online casinos require a rather lengthy process when it comes to verifying your payment account. Often these Know Your Customer or KYC processes can be tedious in nature, especially at the withdrawal stage. This takes away some of the fun of playing at an online casino.

However, there are some casinos that dispense with this need, allowing you to withdraw your winnings without needing a ton of extra documentation. In fact there are a number of different types of no ID casinos out there to make use of.

  • Verification can be time-consuming
  • No ID casinos give faster withdrawals
  • No need for documents

While not having to provide documentation for a casino is great, these sites still need to be trustworthy and safe. In order to help you with this, we have compiled a comprehensive guide covering everything from the benefits with non-ID casinos to all the options out there.

Types of online casinos with no ID

The iGaming market is a constantly growing one and this means there are plenty of different casino site options out there for you. Even within no ID casinos, there are choices available. So, we’ll go through and identify these alongside the risks with non-ID casinos.

When it comes to casinos that don’t need ID verification, you’ll find these sites can be from a range of different countries and jurisdictions. However, they all have reliable and secure sites. Keep reading to find out about the different options, and see which suits you best.

  • No account casino
  • Licensed in Curacao
  • Bitcoin-powered sites

No account casinos

Also known as Pay and Play, these no account casinos do not have any ID verification processes. They also don’t even need you to register for an account. Instead, you can simply start playing without signing up to the site, keeping you completely anonymous.

All you need to do is deposit some funds and get playing. There are some different payment options available for this and these include Trustly and other top eWallet payments. Payments are quick and hassle free too, which is exactly what most players are looking for.

Licensed in Curacao

Casinos licensed with Curacao also offer no ID sites. However, some of these sites can be scams and so we recommend only using ones that we suggest. These sites don’t always accept UK players either, focusing instead on players from the US and Australia.

Powered by Bitcoin

With cryptocurrencies on the rise, players will find that the highly anonymous Bitcoin offers a lot of options. Using a Bitcoin-powered site means you’re completely anonymous and don’t need to submit documentation. There are also no withdrawal or deposit transaction limits at these sites.

Benefits to joining a no ID online casino

pros and cons of non-id casinos

There are a myriad of reasons why you should sign up to a no ID required casino site. However, the main one is that they save you a lot of time as you don’t need to fill out forms or find documents.

These sites also permit small transactions. This is not only when it comes to deposits, but also with the withdrawals you can make. This means that, unlike casinos that require verification, you won’t have to wait to win more money before being able to cash out.

  • Save time
  • Small cashouts possible
  • Gibraltar casinos are regulated and safe and offer no ID options

Cons to joining a no ID online casino

There are some reasons to avoid these sites however. The primary one is that it can be hard to find a site that is properly regulated. Many of the no ID sites are scams so you can end up losing your money.

In some cases, if you are making a big withdrawal, you will need to submit verification documents anyway. Also some sites will make you verify later on, although this can be done via phone rather than an online form, but nevertheless it can take time.

Online casinos with no ID – documents required

When casinos do request documents, the type of document may vary. However, for the most part casinos need to see a photographic ID of some kind to prove you are who you say you are. This can be a passport or driver’s license.

Another requirement is usually your address. Often the casino will request a bank statement or a utility bill to prove that you are in the location you stated, and are therefore eligible, or legally allowed, to play on their site. Mobile numbers are generally requested for two-factor authentication.

  • Personal ID – driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of address – Bank statement or utility bill
  • Mobile number – two-factor authentication to secure your account
  • Bank card – ensuring funds are transferred to you

Payments at no ID online casinos

As we have touched upon, there are a number of different payment options at no ID online casinos. A lot of these no ID casinos have specific payment options. We’re thinking of the Bitcoin-powered ones here. But others will act like regular casino sites.

Some sites will still request your bank card details as part of registering or verification, but this doesn’t mean you always have to use it. For the fastest transactions we always suggest using eWallets as these have short turnaround times in casinos that do require KYC.

Deposit options

One of the features of no ID casinos is the fact that they will accept small payments. This means that you can make minimal deposits when you first try out the casino and if things go wrong, you won’t lose so much of your cash.

Withdrawal options

Withdrawals are similar in that players can actually make very small withdrawals from these sites instead of having to meet massive wagering requirements. There tends to be no minimum limit either, so you’ll get your winnings even faster at one of these sites.

Are no ID casinos safe?

This is a more complex question as there are a huge variety of no ID casinos out there. If you stick with the no ID casino recommendations we give you, then these sites are secure and safe as we make sure they have encryption in place.

However, it is important to check the license and regulatory body of the casino. Some jurisdictions, such as Curacao, have more lenient regulations than others. This can result in a casino being a little less trustworthy and, possibly, scamming new players from their winnings.

Final thoughts about online casinos with no ID

At the end of the day, casinos with no ID required for transactions really do offer a speedy turnaround time for play and withdrawals. This can be a great time saver for many players who do not wish to go through the lengthy verification process.

However, it’s important to note that for players in the UK, this may not be so easy. The UKGC is clamping down, ensuring that online casinos request verification documents even before players deposit. But this is all with your safety in mind and, really, is no bad thing.