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Credit Card Casinos

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Credit cards have been accepted globally as a form of payment on online casinos for several years. Up until now, they have been one of the most popular methods for deposits and withdraws in UK casinos, too. But a recent change in the law will change that.

In an effort to combat gambling addictions, casinos offering credit card payments will be forced to remove this option for UK players. It came into effect on the 14th of April 2020 and follows a public consultation which took place between August and November 2019.

  • Of the 10.5 million online gamblers, an estimated 800,000 use credit cards.
  • The ban will apply to all types of gambling (online and offline) excluding non-remote lotteries.

One of the most common questions is understandable: How will the ban affect casinos? Of the 10.5 million online gamblers, it is thought that 800,000 of those pay by credit card. Statistically, this shouldn’t affect casinos too much. Those figures account for less than 10% of players.

credit card casinos data
As presented in the graph, only 7,62% of the gambling users have credit cards as their preferred deposit method. Taking the enormous amount of transaction into aspect, it does however concerns a very big amount of money.

UK Credit Card Casinos Pros and Cons

There are several pro’s & con’s with credit card casinos. The biggest pro of using a credit card in an online casino is the undeniable safety aspect. Credit cards are often more secure than debit cards as credit card providers tend to offer more protection against fraud.

Credit card-specific bonuses will be missed from now on in the UK but, hopefully, these bonuses will just be transferred to other payment methods. Of course, the biggest disadvantage with a credit card in an online casino is the potential danger to fall into massive debt.

While credit cards are one of the safest methods of playing in online casinos, using borrowed money to pay is potentially dangerous. However, there are safe ways to pay

Alternative Payment Methods

If you’re used to playing in online casinos with a credit card and do so because of the safety methods – don’t panic. There are still a lot of safe methods out there for you to use. Like anything else, these all come with their advantages and disadvantages.

A lot of online casinos offer payment methods in the form of eWallets, which are often considered a safe payment method. Skrill and Neteller payout the fastest, but there is also the highly regarded PayPal. Sometimes using an eWallet, however, can come with a service charge.

Payment Methods

If you want to start using an eWallet as an alternative, all you need to do is head to one of their respective websites and create an account. Link your debit card and top up, or use it to keep an eye on your deposits and withdrawals.

Credit Cards in UK Casinos

If you’re a player in the UK and still wanting to play with your credit card for whatever reason, there is a loophole that you can use and still be on the right side of the law. Just use a casino that isn’t native to the UK.

What’s the point?

This measure is being put in place by the government as an attempt to thwart gambling addiction. An estimated 22% of the 800,000 users of UK-issued credit cards are classed as ‘problem gamblers’, meaning that they are susceptible to falling into debt or other gambling-related issues.

By putting this ban in place, the government is simply trying to save those 180,000 or so players from themselves. The idea is that a player is less likely to gamble too much with a debit card, where the money is “real”.

  • If you need to pay by credit card, use a foreign site.
  • Or ideally, use a safe method like an eWallet.

Debit Cards

Debit cards will still be accepted by online casinos as a form of payment method but this is not always the best method to use when gambling. The government’s hope is that if gamblers use debit cards, they ill be more mindful of their spending.

However, debit cards do not always come with the automatic security of credit cards. It’s always best to use a completely trusted site anyway but, for added security, we recommend at least linking your debit card to an eWallet service like PayPal to keep your funds safe.

UK Credit Card Casinos

uk credit card casinos

It’s worth remembering that the processing times of debit cards can seem rather long, with an average of 5-7 days. This is simply too long for some players, so we’d recommend the likes of Skrill, which has a processing time of 24 hours.

If you’re really struggling to decide what to do, we suggest you get in touch with your bank directly. They will be able to offer all sorts of expert advice regarding the latest ban on credit cards for casinos as well as advise you further.

  • Consumer protection levels are lower with debit cards.
  • Processing times can be too long.

Player Assistance

If you feel as if you could be one of the 180,000 ‘problem gamblers’, there are several places you can reach out to for help. The NHS’s website offers a candid questionnaire for you to test yourself on. They also give advice on where you can seek help.

GamCare is one of the best for advice – they run the National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) and is a safe and understanding in-person counseling service. Help and support is out there, but the first step must come from the problem gambler and a phone call.

Offshore Casinos

If you still feel it is best to pay with a credit card, we can point you in the direction of some of the best non-UK companies.

As mentioned on Wagerweb before you can find a lot of independent casinos and casinos not registered on Gamstop self-exclusion scheme. These casinos are based outside the UK and doesn’t have a UKGC license, which means they can accept credit cards on their casinos.

What else will be affected?

It is not just casinos that will be affected by this ban. The sale of lottery tickets (both online and in person) via credit cards will also be banned. Credit cards will also no longer be used for scratch cards and other soft games.

Cons of Using an Offshore Casino

There are several cons when it comes to using an offshore casino. One of the biggest concerns is of course safety. While credit cards have a high level of consumer protection, explaining to your bank what you were doing gambling on an offshore site might be difficult.

Then there’s the simple fact that deposit amounts are limitless when you’re using a credit card. What with all the tempting bonuses out there on online casinos, you could fall into debt very easily. A debit card would be better, but as we’ve pointed out, not always ideal.

UK Credit Card Casinos: A Conclusion

We hope you’ve found the information in this article useful and have been able to weigh up your options. It is a frustrating – but necessary – ban when you look at the numbers we have provided.It’s probably best to stick with UK casinos but find an alternative payment method.

This will be the best way to ensure the security of your funds, as well as make sure that online gambling is nothing more than fun for you. Consider all the pros and cons – such as processing times and fees. Every method has advantages and disadvantages.