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non uk casino sites

Non UK casinos online have increased in number around the world as iGaming grows in popularity. While the UK remains one of the largest gambling markets in the world, there are more non-UK casino sites springing up that haven’t been developed in, or by UK companies.

So what defines a non-UK casino? These sites are not licensed by the UKGC and are, instead, regulated by other governing bodies. Often listed as independent or non Gamstop casinos, we will take a look at all the non licensed casinos outside the UK and what you need to know.

  • The non-UK casino sites lack the UKGC license
  • They have not been developed by British companies

Non-UK online casino sites provide gaming solutions to players all over the world. However, not all of them cater to UK players as the UKGC prohibits non-UK casino sites within the country. It’s therefore up to you to join non UK licensed casinos.

UK players are lucky in that they can enjoy games from one of the best gaming jurisdictions in the world. UKGC licenced sites offer high quality gaming experiences. However, sometimes players enjoy a little change and that’s where non UK licensed casinos come into play.

There are a number of non UK casinos accepting UK players for people to enjoy. These sites offer a range of different features, but the big difference here is that these sites do not hold a UKGC licence, which means that security may not be as high.

  • UK players can join non UK licenced sites
  • Non UK licenced sites don’t always have good security

There are many non UK registestered casinos online but this can pose some problems for players in that there is too much choice. This is where we come in as we go through all of these casinos recommending only the very best ones.

Which are the best non UK licensed casinos?

When we review and recommend the best non UK casino sites, we take a look at a whole range of different factors that help to make the casino site a good one. One of the most important considerations is the licence as there are different jurisdictions available.

One of the most commonly used licences is from Curacao. This is because this licence is easy to get hold of and doesn’t have so many regulations to follow. However, this can be a downside for UK players. Other licences to look out for include:

Games and software

One of the big draws about using a non-UK licenced casino is the type and number of games the site will offer. Often these non-UK sites are able to offer thousands of games to players, particularly when it comes to the slots.

Sites are able to do this because there are fewer restrictions on the software providers. In the UK, software providers are required to hold licences with the UKGC as well. This means that online casinos have access to fewer different game providers.

Software options

However, Curacao for example, has no such issues. This means that casinos with this licence are able to utilise games from vastly more providers. However, there are issues in that some of these games have been known to be pirated copies of the original.

Unusual games

With the additional software providers adding their gaming options, UK players are able to enjoy more unusual games too. Players can try out a range of games they have never seen before at UK sites and even enjoy casino exclusives that might be available.

Non UK casinos accepting UK players

While all this sounds good in theory, it’s actually worth pointing out that not all non-UK casinos actually accept UK players. Some licences will still have restrictions on players from the UK which means playing at these sites, while not illegal, is not advised.

Players can try and get around any restrictions, but this is not recommended. If the player does get found out they will be removed from the site. We make sure to check our non-UK casino recommendations and include only those available to UK players.

  • Not all non-UK sites allow UK players
  • Curacao licences allow players from all over the world
  • Fraudulent signups will result in players getting removed

Payment options at non-UK casinos

Another reason why UK players often seek out non-UK licenced casinos is for the payment options available. These sites often will be able to provide players with a wider range of options including the usual payment methods such as e-wallets, card and bank transfers.

One of the more unusual methods is via cryptocurrencies. This is becoming more popular as it enables players to enjoy speedy transactions all while remaining anonymous. Cryptocurrencies do not require any personal data to be given to the site in order to proceed.

Accessibility: non UK licensed casinos

Throughout our reviewing of these sites, we take a look at the accessibility of the site. This is twofold. The first thing we look at is how well the interface works, whether it is intuitive, navigable, and user-friendly with fun themes and graphics.

The second part is ensuring that the site is mobile compatible. Some sites will offer apps, but these can be hard for UK players to access, so we concentrate on making sure these sites are all available via mobile browser so that players can play on the go.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Good customer support

Pros and cons of non-UK licensed casinos

There are both positives and negatives when playing at a non-UK licenced casino. Players do need to be aware of all the features of the site they intend to join before making their final decision. We try to cover all of these in our recommendations.

One major plus point in this type of casinos’ favour though, is the signup process. UK online casinos often have lengthy signups that include a mandatory verification period. Non-UK licenced sites do not which means players can get playing online a lot faster.

Advantages of non-UK licensed casinos

Other advantages include the fact that in some cases, the site will not need any player identification at all – accounts can be made completely anonymously. The fact that these sites have large bonuses available, often with a ton of free spins as the icing on the cake.

Disadvantages of non-UK licenced casinos

However, there are some disadvantages. While there are a number of different payment options, not all are available to UK players. On top of that, these sites may not actually accept GBP which means players will need to make deposits in other currencies.

Responsible gambling

While it may seem like a positive point to some players, these sites do not have to abide by UK gaming law. This means that if a player gets into trouble, there’s nowhere to turn to. Deposits and other payments are not protected either.

On top of this, responsible gambling regulations are minimal meaning that players can’t get protection. Often these sites will not have any self-exclusion options in place. It’s also not possible to block it via Gamstop as they aren’t even members of the organisation.

Non UK casino sites licenses

Any non-UK casino sites must obtain licenses for their operations. One of these licenses a non-UK casino could have is the Curacao license. However, the casino operator must understand how to obtain a Curacao license as there are certain procedures to be awarded the Curacao license.

There are endless benefits with a Curacao licensed casino as this license is actually enough to operate any kind of gambling business. In addition, the process of obtaining the Curacao license is easy and fast, taking a maximum of two weeks, and has no VAT tax.

  • Curacao license is a popular gambling license
  • Allows players from around the world, though not all allow UK players

Limitations of a Curacao license

However, there are some risks with Curacao licensed casinos. While many non-UK licensed sites use the Curacao jurisdiction, this can present a problem to UK players as these sites do not always permit UK players to join. Some will, but you will have to check for these.

Among the most common challenges of the Curacao license are the requirements. You will only be awarded the license after adhering to the rules and regulations. In addition, you must provide some documents relating to your gambling business and the cost is a little pricey.

Other gambling licenses

There are other regulators who provide licenses to the non-UK casinos. The MGA is one of the most respected licenses outside of the UK and requires strict requirements ensuring the casino is secure.

Other options include Gibraltar, Alderney and the Canadian Kahnawake.

Differences between Maltese and Curacao licenses

There are major differences between the MGA and Curacao licenses. Curacao requires the operator to only file annual reports while MGA requires both annual and monthly reports. The registration period is much longer with MGA and the MGA offers a far more secure and comprehensive site.

What is the UKGC?

what is the ukgc

We’ve taken a look at the other gaming licenses available to online casinos, but what is the UKGC? Also known as the UK Gambling Commission, the UKGC is the authorising body that regulates the gaming within the United Kingdom. UK casinos must have their license to operate.

Similar to MGA, the UKGC has strict rules and regulations in place governing which of the online casinos it will accept. This is why many non-UK based casinos do not have this license as those sites do not meet the specific requirements.

  • Offers high levels of player security
  • Prevents no UKGC registered casinos in UK

Features of online casinos outside the UK

As we have touched upon, the main issue with using a casino not based in the UK is that they will not be registered with the UKGC. This can present a lot of problems to players wishing to access this site from the UK.

These sites are regulated by international gaming bodies, commonly MGA and Curacao, both of which focus their services on the international market. Generally, this means these casinos are focused on non-UK players too, which means that bonuses aren’t always available if you’re in the UK.

The casinos operating within the UK but without a UKGC license is often called independent casinos. There are both pros and cons with these casinos and you should be cautious when playing on these casinos.

Payment at non UK casino sites

Payments can be tricky at these non-UK sites too. Again, this is because these sites are focusing on Europeans and generally will not offer GBP as a currency. UK players joining these sites will often have to use USD or EUR instead.

While it’s easy to convert your currency to either of these and there are always multiple payment options, you can lose out through the conversion fees. There are also often no localised payment options either, so UK players will have to select international payment providers.

  • No GBP
  • No localised payment options

Games and software at non-UK casinos

One of the big things that players will notice at casinos not registered in the UK is that there is often different software used. This can be for better or for worse and will depend on the license the casino is operating under.

These software issues can crop up in a number of different ways from responsible gaming to the variety and trustworthiness of the payment options, and even to effecting the games that are offered. We’ve outlined a few of the potential drawbacks in the sections found below.

Responsible gaming

UK casinos are all required to have responsible gaming software. Most UK casinos work with Gamstop, which helps players self-exclude. However, independent casinos don’t need to and can allow excluded players to sign up and play their games regardless of the block on them.

Game developers

Often non-UK casinos will have a distinct lack of any top game developers present. You will find that there are different game providers at independent casinos. This doesn’t mean they’re bad, but if you have favourite game versions, you’re less likely to find them.

Are non UK casinos safe?

While these non-UK licensed casinos will be regulated with a gaming jurisdiction, often these authorities are much laxer than the UKGC. This can mean that these online casinos are not safe to play at or even can prove to not be legitimate and trustworthy.

Of course, there are many that are safe to play at (think of the MGA license when looking for a reputable one) and these we have carefully listed on our site to help you find a safe and secure gaming site for you to enjoy.

Final thoughts on non UK casino sites

There are many independent casino sites that you can use as a UK player, but if you choose to play at one that doesn’t have a license with the UKGC, then you are taking security and gaming responsibility firmly into your own hands.

While many of these sites are perfectly safe and are licensed with top jurisdictions, players will need to remember that they will not be protected under the UKGC if anything goes wrong. With this in mind, we urge players to research any non-UK licensed sites before signing up.