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Betting Sites not on Gamstop

betting sites not on gamstop

The Gamstop scheme is a nation-wide protection scheme, created to help people with a gambling problem and prevent them from play on betting sites in the UK.

The scheme itself is independent and not connected to any betting company or any profit-driven company at all. It is completely free of charge and open to people living in the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Since January 2020, Gamstop is mandatory for all betting websites holding a UKGC license. However, there are companies without a UK license, so called non UK casinos, which are offering non Gamstop betting solutions to their customers. There are both advantages and disadvantages with these betting sites and we will describe both sides in-depth on this page.

Apart from betting sites not on Gamstop, there are also non Gamstop casinos operating in the UK, which are based on the same non-UK license system.

Short background of Gamstop

More or less all countries with a regulated gambling market is holding some kind of self-exclusion scheme. Gambling is addictive and a lot of people in the UK have suffered from problems when gambling on betting sites.

It is a very important scheme and it is created to protect the most vulnerable in the industry and Gamstop have been a success. It is preventing problem gamblers from betting on sports everyday and it will continue to do so.

The scheme went live in the end of 2017, so it is fairly new to the market. The first companies who signed up for the scheme was Partypoker, Pokerstars, Betfair and Unibet.

Throughout it first years it has experienced some flaws in the system and at some occasions people have been able to signing up to betting sites online even though they have been a part of Gamestop.

Since 2020 Gamstop is mandatory for all companies running betting operations in United Kingdom. The scheme is non-profit and ran by the company “The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited”.

Why are betting sites not on Gamstop?

betting sites not on gamstop

The primary reason is that Gamstop is only mandatory for betting sites with a UK license. Bookies operating under other licenses like MGA (Malta), Curacao or Cyprus are not forced to use Gamstop.

If bookies in the UK wasn’t obliged to use Gamstop most companies wouldn’t do so. As mentioned before, there where only four companies signing up for the scheme when it first was released. So if you’re looking for a bookie with Gamstop, you need to make sure that they have a valid license from UKGC.

The betting companies who are operating offshore have a lot benefits compared to the UK betting websites;

  • They normally don’t pay taxes in the UK
  • They are not obliged to follow the UK license guidelines
  • They are not obliged to implement self-exclusion schemes like Gamstop

From a customer-view, it is always much safer to play on a betting site with a proper UKGC-license, but if you’re missing high bonuses, VIP treatment and gamification features, all these things can be much better on a non Gamstop betting website.

Why are you listing non Gamestop betting sites?

The non Gamstop betting sites available on our website do all have their own self-exclusion scheme. If problem gamblers want to find non Gamestop bookies, they can easily do it. We are listing websites not on Gamstop for two simple reasons;

  1. So problem gamblers can self-exclude from all of them at once
  2. To offer an alternative with independent casinos for those who are missing thing like big welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses and gamification features.

Therefor we always recommend problem gamblers to self-exclude themselves from the betting sites listed on WagerWeb. For the players with no problems, who are just looking for a different experience – feel free to try them out.

If you want to self-exclude yourself from non Gamstop betting sites you have to;

  1. Go to each and every gambling site individually
  2. Contact their customer support
  3. Give them your details and tell them you have a gambling problem and want to be excluded for X months/years.

With our list you will find most of the betting sites operating in the UK without a UK license.

What type of bets can you place on non Gamestop betting sites?

The non Gamestop betting sites doesn’t vary that much from the regular betting websites you are used to. Some of the features are common features that can be found on most bookies, but some are quite rare and unique.

Just like the biggest bookies out there, most non uk bookies offers live bets and traditional bets. They also have a wide portfolio of available games.

Benefits with non Gamstop bookies

  1. Players from all over the world – Non Gamestop Sites accepts players from all over the world. This often results in a enormous amount of events and sports to bet on.
  2. Normal bets and live-game bets – just like most bookies, these websites offers both bets beforehand and live bets, which makes it possible to bet on a game while they are playing.
  3. No VPN needed if outside UK – Some players experience problems with accessing betting sites when they are travelling. With betting sites not on Gamestop, you can access them form everywhere.
  4. High welcome bonuses – When signing up for one of these casinos you can normally expect a much higher bonus then regular UKGC bookies.

Disadvantages with these websites

  1. Bad protection for problem gamblers – Since they are not part of any nationwide scheme, these websites are open to everyone. You have to contact them yourself to be excluded.
  2. Less banking options – Normally there are less banking options available to players. Some of them casinos offer credit card payments, but normally it’s less.
  3. No protection from UKGC – Since they don’t have a license from UKGC they follow guidelines from another jurisdiction. UKGC is the most protective gambling organ in the world, so they are less secure in that sense.

Betting Sites not on Gamstop – FAQ

Does Gamstop cover betting sites?

Yes, they do. But only if the betting website is a part of the Gamstop scheme. All UKGC licensed operators are obliged to have Gamstop implemented, but not bookies with a license from another jurisdiction.

Is it easy to sign up on non Gamstop betting sites?

The process are more or less the same as any other betting site in the UK. Sometimes non UK betting sites needs less documentation (passport, utility bills etc) then traditional websites.

Can I cancel my Gamstop protection?

Yes and no. You can not cancel your Gamstop protection during the time period that you decided. However, if you wait until this time have passed, you will be able to cancel it. This is nothing we recommend tho.

Can everyone sign up for Gamstop?

Everyone living in the UK and Northern Ireland can sign up for Gamstop. If you live outside the UK, you can not use Gamstop as protection, but there are other alternatives.

How do I sign up for Gamestop?

It is very simple. You need your postcode, date of birth and email adress. After that you set the time for your exclusion. It is very well explained on their website,