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Slot sites no deposit

Welcome again, dear readers! You have once again arrived at one of my ever so great online casino articles! As you probably know by now, slots and slot sites are my passion in life. Some might think that this sounds like gambling addiction but to be fair I do not feel like I suffer from it. In fact, I make quite a bit of cash from my desk job, thank you very much! I have enough money to pay for my lavish lifestyle and I only consider slots and online casinos my favourite pastime. It is not like I even play every day or anything like that, I usually mostly gamble on the weekends and during my spare time. So yes, I do think that the principles of responsible gambling are extremely important to adhere to and I would never advocate for playing compulsively.

If you are a person of less wealth than me, do not be discouraged. Not every single online casino gambler is swimming in cash. Most people are probably just like you—here to try to make a killing and get some more money to buy some nice things with. The most important thing is that you never play more than you can afford to lose. If you are low on cash, either refrain from playing completely or play with small, say, £10 to £20 deposits. This way, you will have your chance to win and shine, but you won’t be in too much of a risk of losing!

In this article, I will be giving you a few tips on how you can gamble without actually even gambling. In other words, I will tell you all that you need to find out about slot sites that require no deposits whatsoever. You heard it right! You could just waltz in and win without actually risking a penny!

What are no deposit slot sites like

No deposit slot sites, or just plain old no deposit casinos, are the kind where you can sign up and get some free gifts to go along with it. These casinos require no prior deposits before you are given a legit chance to win a bit of extra cash. Sounds good, right? It certainly is!

Some people are probably wondering why any self-respecting online casinos would ever do such a thing. After all, are slot sites not in it to make some money? Why on earth would they risk losing? What would they gain from such promotions?

The explanation of how this kind of online casinos exists is rather simple. These casinos are simply spending money to make money. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was that said that in order to make money, you have to spend money. Regardless, that is exactly how it is in business, and online casinos know this very well. No deposit slot sites are giving our free swag just to get noticed—and to hopefully entice you to play with real money as well.

Just picture this scenario… You find an ad of an online casino saying that it is going to give you 20 no deposit free spins straight after you have signed up. It is then only natural for you to take this bait, sign up and try your luck with said spins! Chances are that these 20 low-value spins will not be enough to win you enough money for you to want to withdraw it all, which in turn makes it probable that you are going to be left empty-handed when all is said and done. Now, dismayed and a little bit disappointed by your loss, you want to have another chance at glory and decide to deposit £20 of your own money in order to continue reaching for the stars. Ta-dah, the online casino was actually able to benefit from their promotion of free free spins and got you to deposit some of your own as well!

Can you actually win money from no deposit slot sites

Of course, but this is not the whole truth! Let’s say you are given the 20 free spins that we already mentioned and they are only worth £0.10 a piece. This would mean that your 20 free spins are worth only £2 in total, which is not very much when it comes to trying to win big. In addition to these spins being low in value, they probably also carry a wagering requirement that could be all the way up to 50x. Even if you did win £10 here, you would have to wager £500 worth with it! And, to make things even more difficult, many slot sites will even throw in a rule of maximum conversion. I have even seen some casinos that only let you win like £10 with your free spins—and only after you have completed your high wagering!

Be sure to always read the terms and conditions associated with no deposit bonuses. A lot of the time these T’s and C’s are completely rotten, but there can be some good ones in there as well…


No deposit bonuses tend to come with lousy terms, but if you are looking for a chance to win some extra money, these promotions should not be passed on!