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Guys, you know what I miss? I just miss the old days of having fun and sneaking into casinos when you were not even of age yet. Granted, with the wisdom of years, I now know that I should not have done it, but it is all in the past, right? People change and times… well, times they are a-changing, you know?

Anyway, talking about those early casino memories, I just have to mention live casino games as well. If you have not yet heard about what they are all about, you are in for a definite treat. You see, turns out that online casinos are more than just slots and virtual lucky games!

Live casino games are something that, in my mind, captures the essence of the good old days to a tee. Not many of us frequent real casinos anymore, but back in the day, they were all the rage. The coolest thing about real casinos must have been their table games, though. It was just unimaginably exciting to sit at a table with your fellow men and women and engage in some heated gambling action. Roulette and Blackjack were, of course, always available, but these days we are seeing games such as Baccarat and Texas Hold’em becoming hallmarks as well. With online casinos’ live casinos, though, you almost always have all the good stuff available!

How does live casino work

So, what exactly is this live casino thingamajig that I keep referring to? Well, it is the kind of technology that lets you enjoy your favourite table games from the comfort of your own couch, believe it or not! Thanks to gaming companies such as NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming, and the market leader in live casino Evolution Gaming, we are now able to sit at a table without actually sitting at it!

Live casino technology allows us as players to experience the likes of Roulette and Blackjack through a screen. To go into more detail, live casino providers have set up elaborate studios where they have all the casino equipment needed to accommodate for table games. Instead of real chips and seats in front of the tables, however, they have a webcam that records the croupier live. While the croupiers handle their business, the players get to sit at home and place virtual chips through their virtual interface. This way, you can, for instance, bet £50 on black, and all the croupier really has to do is spin the real-life wheel and announce the ball lands. It is actually quite simple—and super smart!

Where things get a little bit more complicated is Blackjack. In this live casino game, players are supposed to make choices as to whether they want to take more cards or not—or hit or stand as they are usually called in this game. Amazingly, though, even blackjack is a fine fit for live casinos as players can make their first choices in advance already, making for rather seamless gameplay. The only time that the game can really come to a small halt is when people are slow to make their next choices and are wondering what course of action would be the best for this strategic game.

Where can you find live casinos

Now that I’ve gotten you all excited about live casinos, you are probably asking yourself the above question: where you find these so-called live casinos. Thankfully, I would say that about 9 out of every 10 online casinos has at least somewhat of a live casino offering. Some of the times, live casinos might only let you play Blackjack and Roulette, but they usually do have a few Baccarat tables and casino pokers available as well.

Believe it or not, Evolution Games has taken this live casino concept even further than what I have explained so far. Nowadays, you can even find live casino games such as Dream Catcher, which is a type of a lucky wheel game. In this game-showesque game, you get to see a very lively host cracking jokes and conversing with the players. The game itself simple enough for 3-year-olds as all you have to do is guess where the wheel stops. Smaller sectors, of course, mean better multipliers, so you can kind of pick the volatility that you are going for yourself!

Have fun at live casinos

There you have it! That was my love letter for live casino games as well as casino nostalgia in a whole. These games are very exciting in that they let you play with other customers. No longer do casino games have to be your own little pet peeve or something that you do alone—they can be fun that is shared with your friends as well as friends you did not know you had. In this era of social media, live casinos are the most modern and relevant way of turning your gambling into shared fun!