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Casino Bonuses

This article is about online casino bonuses. I will tell you everything that I know about casino bonuses, where you can find them, how you can use them, and what kind of things you must consider when using them. I will give you a great overview of how these things work and how you can benefit from bonuses!

What are casino bonuses?

All right, lets stop talking about what I am going to do and just get on with doing it. First, we have to establish what these so-called casino bonuses even are. There might be some people out there reading this that do not have an ounce of experience when it comes to online casinos, so you might not be familiar with how bonuses even work. When playing at real brick-and-mortar casinos, you rarely get any bonuses at all, although I do remember being a recipient of at least some extra live casinos chips…

Anyway, casino bonuses are the online casino’s way of saying thank you for registering with them. With these bonuses, online casinos can encourage you to deposit a little bit more than you normally would. Let’s say you tend to deposit only 20 pounds at a time, but there’s this online casino that is offering you a 100% bonus all the way up to 200 pounds. This means that no matter how much you deposit between the minimum deposit (usually 10 or 20 pounds) and 200 pounds, the casino establishment is going to throw in as much of its own money. So, in order to get more bang for your buck, you might want to deposit a little bit more than what you are used to.

It is quite different to be playing with, say, 50 pounds than it is to be playing with 100 pounds. Here are two benefits that you can get from playing with bonuses:

  1. Your money will last for a longer time. When you play with double the money that you normally would, you can expect for your session to last about the double of how long it does on average. This way, you can enjoy the fruit of your labour for a longer period of time, which kind of gives you more than what your money is worth.
  2. You can afford to take more risks. If you do not care about playing for long, you can just as well decide to play with double the bet that you normally would. This way, there is a better chance to win extra big when you finally hit that big win.

Of course, though, there are some disadvantages about playing with casino bonuses as well. You see, every single deposit bonus has at least some kind of bonus terms and conditions associated with it. This is to ensure that online casinos are not getting the short end of the deal. While you can take more risks and play for longer periods of time with your bonus than you usually would, the casinos have to even things out so that you cannot just waltz in poor and waltz out rich!

The greatest equaliser for online casinos is always the wagering requirement. This is the way how slot sites can require you to play with your bonus for a while before you can turn it into real cash. For instance, the casino can force you to use your 50 pounds to gamble 1500 pounds’ worth. By doing this, the casino makes it impossible for you to win quickly and then just head on out with your money in tow. Instead, you will have to take a few risks and survive them in order to finally walk away with your head held high!

Where can you find casino bonuses?

Finding casino bonuses is not such a hard task in today’s online gambling environment. Most online casinos out there are dying to be found and want for casino sites to review them and send potential customers their way. It is the same with video games and movies of today. People do not release stuff and want people to not find about them—on the contrary! Finding the best casino deals is about as easy as it gets, and even my site is a very viable place to score a few very good catches!

Things to consider when using casino bonuses?

Again, I already mentioned how every online casino bonus has its fair share of rules and regulations. If you want to play with a bonus, there are a few things that you should especially keep your eye on.

  • The wagering requirement. I already talked about this in length, but you had better make sure that the wagering requirement is not too high—otherwise, you will have a difficult time beating it. Any wagering requirement that is above 50 times your bonus and your deposit is too much to handle.
  • Forbidden games. Most online casinos won’t allow you to play each and every casino game that they have available when you are playing with a bonus. This is due to the fact that some games have rather high RTP’s (return to player) and might even have some features that you are not supposed to trigger when playing with extra money. Try not to play these forbidden games so that you avoid your wins being confiscated!
  • Maximum bet. Most bonuses forbid you from using bet levels that are too high. You can usually only bet about 5 pounds at a time when playing with a bonus.
  • Maximum conversions. Some casinos will not allow you to win as much money when playing with bonuses. They can cap your withdrawal to 10 times your deposit, for instance. Stay away from bad terms like this!


Casino bonuses can be a lot of fun, but you should still be on your toes and look out for bad terms and such. Better safe than sorry!