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Atlantic Rebirth
Atlantic City has a bad reputation. Does the mere mention make you think of a desolate seaside version of Las Vegas that’s beyond hung over and past its prime even before you arrive? You won’t exactly find that on the brochures, but that doesn’t change reality. Let’s face it. The criticism is harsh, especially sinc[more]

Tonight’s Powerball Draw: $600 Million Worth
It’s been less than 10 months after three tickets split a world-record lottery prize… and tonight, the jackpot for the Powerball drawing is once again closing to a record. It now stands at $600 million, but a flurry of last-minute ticket-buying could push it beyond the $656 million won in a Mega Millions jackpot l[more]

Rafael Nadal Trading Tennis For Online Poker?
Rafael Nadal has pulled out of all recent major tennis tournaments claiming to be ‘injured’… but thanks to Russia Today we now know what’s been keeping the former #1 out of the tennis court: Online poker. According to sources, Nadal is playing online poker. And by playing online poker I mean he’s entering tourname[more]

Calling a Spade Fun
When it comes to suited card games, hearts seems to be the one that players fall in love with first. If schoolboy crushes are any indication, those early loves rarely last. Love at first sight might seem intense and ready to stand the test of time, though only to the eyes of the certifiably unwise. Sometimes it’s worth[more]