Online Sports Betting FAQ

What are the Hours of Operation?

Customer Service 09:00 AM ET – 11:00 PM

Bookmaking and Racebook (Monday thru Friday) 11:00 AM ET – halftime of last game

Bookmaking and Racebook (Saturday and Sunday) 10:30 AM ET – halftime of last game

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How do I deposit?

We offer many different methods to deposit. Please click on one of the following for detailed info on each method:Banking HomePage

Credit Card

Western Union



EZ Voucher


What if I forgot my Login or Password?

Click on the Live Help button above and be prepared to supply the following: First Name, Last Name, Email,  Address (used when you opened account) The representative will email you the information directly.

When will my bonus be credited?

Bonuses are credited immediately after you deposit.If your bonus has not yet been credited please click the following link and a representative will address it immediately. Live Help

Help! I am having problems logging in!

First, make sure you are typing your Login and Password correctly. Logins and Passwords are NOT case sensitive so just be sure that the letters/numbers are correct. Likewise, remember that you can click on the Live Help button and be prepared to supply the following information: First Name, Last Name, Email,  Address (used when you opened account). The representative will email you the information directly.

Help! The website is not working!

First, check your internet connection.Second, make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser. Our site is best viewed using Internet Explorer (8.0 or higher recommended), Mozilla FireFox 15 or higher, Chrome 12 or higher IE .Still not working? Click here and alert the Live Help representative immediately about your problem.

How much are the payout fees?

All of our Payout Fees have different amounts.

Cashier’s Check

Payouts cost $65Min: $1000

Max: $3000

One (1) Check maybe requested every seven (7) days


  • Western Union

    (Max $800 perday)

Payouts cost
$1-$250 = $50
$251-$500 = $65
$501-$800 = $80

  • MoneyGram

  (Max $550 per day)

Payouts cost
$1-$250 =$50
$251-$500 = $65
$501 -$550 = $80

Please click the following link to visit our Banking Page.  When you are log in next to Deposit Now are the Payout  click there and you can find the different  Methods. You can click each method for more detailed information.

Banking HomePage

When will my Payout be ready?

You can view all your payout information by login  and then go to  Payouts.All customers receive confirmation via email. If there is any problem we will also contact you via email regarding the situation.

1. Help! I cant find Odds on a game!

Our Live Lines section is available to all customers. Visit the Live Lines  Homepage and choose a category. Live Lines Also, check our Wager PostTime page to see when unlisted odds will be ready. Wager PostTimes

1. Still need assistance?

Click below and let us help!

Live Help

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