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Betting Rules Tennis

  1. At least two full sets must be completed for wagers to stand. If there were less than 2 sets completed, then all wagers will be considered No Action.
  2. If there was a delay in the start of a match, it will not affect the standing of wagers, nor will a suspension, as long as play is resumed and the match completed.
  3. In the event that a match does not go the specified number of sets, and tournament officials shorten it, the leader determined to be official by tournament officials shall be the winner.
  4. If the venue or playing surface for a match is changed, the betting odds for match bets will be adjusted. Match bets placed at the pre-adjustment odds are void. Futures will stand.
  5. Parlays that include tennis lines have a maximum risk of $500. Any parlay exceeding the permitted limits will revert to $500.