Betting Rules Golf

  1. If the start of a round is delayed, or if play during a round is suspended, all pending wagers will remain valid for 48 hours. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all pending wagers will be canceled and the money is refunded.
  2. Wagers on a golfer who does not play in the tournament are graded as No Action, and all money is refunded.
  3. A golfer is deemed to have played once he or she has teed off. In the event of a player withdrawing after having teed off, wagers on that player will be lost.
  4. Wagers will be settled using the official tournament and match results (including final match correct score and individual match betting). This includes a match which finishes early, either by agreement of the players or because of injury.
  5. On the Odds to win, the “Field” includes all players not offered by name.
  6. All Odds to win bets are settled on the player winning the trophy. The results of play-offs are taken into account.
  7. Top X Odds: Wager is on the top X number of players at the end of the tournament.
  8. If a tournament does not go the specified number of completed holes (usually 72), and is shortened by the tournament officials, the leader at the end of the number of holes specified by the officials will be the winner, unless there is no further play or only part of a round completed after a bet has been placed, in which case that bet will be canceled. Tournament must go at least 54 holes.
  9. In the event that two or more golfers are tied for the lead at the end of regulation play, a sudden death playoff is normally used to determine the winner of the tournament. In this case, the winner of the playoff is the winner for betting purposes.
  10. In the event of a tie for a finishing position, the tied position will count; for example, if five players tie for eighth place, all five will be considered to have finished eighth.
  11. In some tournaments, tournament officials may have the individuals play a specified number of playoff holes to determine the tournament winner. In this case, the golfer with the lowest score after completing the specified number of holes will be declared the winner.
  12. In head-to-head matchups, both golfers must tee off in order to have action.
  13. On Tournament Matchups, players are paired for betting purposes only. The player with the lower score over the entire tournament is the matchup winner.
  14. Settlement will be on the player achieving the highest placing at the end of the tournament. If the number of rounds played is reduced, as in the case of bad weather, bets stand, providing that an official tournament winner is declared.
  15. If one player misses the cut, the other player is deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut, the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine the winner.
  16. If a player is disqualified or withdraws after starting, either prior to the completion of two rounds or after both players has made the cut, the other player is deemed the winner.
  17. If a player is disqualified during either the 3rd or 4th rounds, when the other player in the match bet has already missed the cut, the disqualified player will be considered the winner.
  18. Single day match-ups are wagers on 18-holes on a particular day (hence, term, single day match-up). Holes played as part of completion from the previous day’s round and playoff holes are not included in single day match-ups. In the event both players are tied at the end of the day, the player with the + spread will be graded as the winner.
  19. Should a day’s round be shortened or otherwise affected due to weather conditions, and the round is continued the next day. The full 18 holes will be considered in determining the outcome of the wager (even if they are played over two days). If both members of the match-up do not complete the full 18 holes, all bets are no action. If both players end the 18 holes in a tie, the bet is considered a no action wager.
  20. Birdies or better matchups / Totals: These daily matchups or totals (18 holes) on how many birdies, eagles, double eagles, aces or holes in one a player makes during those 18 holes.
  21. Greens in regulation matchups / Totals: These are daily matchups or totals (18 holes) on how many Greens in regulation the player has during the day. In the event they tie at the end of the day, the player with the + spread will be graded as the winner.
  22. Any future prop based on a certain number of rounds played that does not meet the required length will be deemed no action. For example, Winning 4 round score and the tournament is cut to 54 holes due to bad weather: that prop has no action and all wagers will be refunded.
  23. Group Betting and Top Nationalities: The winner will be the player with the lowest score at the end of the tournament (or after the cut if all players miss the cut), playoff included. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the player with the lowest score for the final round. If a tie still exists the stake money on a player is divided by the number of players involved in the tie. The full odds are then paid to the divided stake, with the remainder of the stake money being lost. If a player does not tee off all bets on that group will be void and monies refunded.
  24. 3-way matchups, also known as 3-balls will be decided by the lowest score at the end of the round (18 holes). If a player starts the round and withdraws he is considered a loser but if a player withdraws before the start of the round then all group bets will be cancelled. In the event of starting groups being rearranged, bets will be settled on the original groups. Tie Breakers: 1st tie Breaker: Player with the most Birdies. 2nd tie Breaker: Player with the most Eagles. If golfers are still tied the bet will be settled as no action.